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We’ve done a ton of school!!!

And we just stayed home a lot.

So…..there’s not a lot to tell.

But my birthday was on the 3rd.

We went canoeing on the forth.

Mom got sun screen in her eye, took her contact out of her eye, put it in her mouth to wash it , and swallowed it.

Then it got caught on the back of her throat and we had to go to the ER.

Then we went to Doughnut Dolly at the library .

She was a woman who was helping in Vietnam

It was cancelled.

But we got Lego books from the flat river library.

So it wasn’t all bad.

Well, that’s it.


Science week.

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How’s it going?

We’ve been doing experiments all day!

First we used our Microscopes to look at things like

Sugar, Salt, Aluminum foil, Cocoa, Coffee Creamer, and Pepper!

Then I made Kryptonite! [I made a green ice cube.]

It get every thing green!

Then I added normal ice cubes to make normal crystals.

Like the fortress of solitude.

Aaron made a bubble blower!

Owen made a marble space station!

Ethan was my Apprentice,

Who made nothing and listened to his mp3.

Then we got balloons and made star wars jets and are flying them around.

Owen has the Falcon, Aaron has a Imperial Star destroyer,

Ethan the Death star, and I have a TIE fighter.

It’s fun to fly them!



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We got back from a VACATION!!!!


And it was Illinois!

We went to Matthisessen park.

And Starved Rock!

Then to John Deere Headquarters!

Climbed in tractors!

Saw a Paddle boat in Peoria!

Camped at Pere Marquette.

Lewis and Clark tower and Lock & dam.

AND……. we crossed into Missouri and Iowa.

We stopped at Garden of the Gods.

I wanted to look over the cliff but MOM!!!

AND……….. METROPOLIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was………..interesting.

Small, but interesting.

And Rim rock! ]

We also jumped off a cliff into water.

That was at The Devils back bone.

And we got new Junior ranger badges.



Well that’s it.



Odd week.

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Hello again!

How was [half] your week?

Ours was……OK.

For starters Dad got his new machine.

It came on a blue truck with a HUGE forklift.

It had the name ‘forkie’ on the side.

[No, we didn’t get to keep the forklift. 😦 ]

We bought a canoe last Saturday.

Then for Mothers day we went canoeing.

We named the new canoe ‘Sinky’.

Today I cleaned under my bed.

Spent a half-hour drawing [shark themed] race cars.

And Lydia [age 16] became a collage student!

She’s taking ASL [American sign language].

Well, plus Core Classes.  [Evil music starts playing!!!]

Yesterday we [the 4 boys] dusted the tractor.

We [the 4 boys] have plans to wash it.

If we [the 4 boys] can get a bucket.

And water and soap!

Other than that our week has been calm.

See you later.



Smooth week.

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How’s your week going?

It’s been really pretty here!

We’ve had a lot of sunshine.

The flowers are all up and lovely!

The trees are blooming!

And the wasps are out!

We had to set a trap out.

But today we could eat on the deck!

We can play outside for hours!

And we now see Snakes!

Aaron saw one today!

I didn’t post a blog last week because our computer

flipped out!

Our Expedition had to go to the shop.

But we got him back now!

Mom put a Decepticon crest on him.

Other than that we’ve just been hanging out.

Bye! 😀





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How is your week so far?

Ours is going good so far!

We were running low on Wi Fi, so we took it easy!

So that explains me not being on Facebook!

Also, we have a duplo Ninja ship!

It can split in to a command space, camper, and the front jet!

We all have a duplo person that we play!

The ship is awesome!!!

Also we have had sucky weather!

No sun. No Flowers.

Just icky rain. 😦

Sloshy mud.

It’s gross!!! 😦

And Ethan’s stuffed monkey is bugging me. ):<

His name is George.

Well that’s about it!


A just write week!

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How was your week?

Ours had a LOT of writing.

Mom wrote her stories, and Lydia hers!

And I started my own stories!

One’s about a kid who likes Monster Jam trucks!

We also have been chilling.

It feels good just to chill!

Today even Simon our boy cat was chilling!

Out side we [the boy’s] are going to divert a pond!

If we have a pond our basement will flood!

So we are going to make a trail to send the water away!

A LONG trail!!!

Also I’m cleaning stuff out from under my bed!

Well, that about sums up our week!