Rebounderz, weather and more!

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How are you?

Well we’ve had some weird* weather here. [* sometimes tragic.]

It snowed for two day’s… then it melted. Then it snowed , Then it melted. and etc etc.

We’ve resumed the college skit.

But we have different times and teacher. Singular teacher.

So, that’s fun!

But now we get to go to the library more!

Yesterday we went to a indoor Trampoline park called Rebounderz.

We had tons of fun! They have a ninja warrior course and we LOVED it!

I went through it 4 times!

Then we went to a Foam block pit!

We jumped and Ethan did a flip!

We had tons of fun in the Free-bounce pit!

Well, That’s about it!




Happy (belated) New Years!

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On the 22th of December we left to Cincinnati as our Christmas vacation!

It was NUTS!!! The highways were over and under and through themselves.

But we saw a lot! We saw HUGE buildings and the Bengals stadium! We saw the Taft house!

We earned our Taft badges! And the lady had some Buffalo Soldiers badges too!

So, that was awesome!

And we stayed in a AWESOME hotel! It had a valet!

Our room was on the fourth floor. It had a GREAT view.

Then on the 27th Aaron was playing with a toy sword and it broke!

Then he cut his finger on the sharp edge! It bled and bled and bled.

So, we took him for stitches.

For New Years eve we popped a balloon for every hour!

And we had pies!

Cherry,blueberry,banana creme, pecan and more!

Well, that’s it!


Wonderful Weeks!

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This one may be a little longer blog than usual.

Be cause it’s been TWO weeks since I last wrote.

Last week Monday, on our way to Lydia’sĀ  collage we felt the car do something weird.

Then next thing you know we’re stuck on the side of the road!

The transmission had gone out!

So Dad had to leave work early.

Then Hanukkah began!

You see, Mom takes us to Dollar Tree, gives us 7 dollars and tells us to buy stuff for every one EXCEPT for themselves.

And one kid hands out their presents every night.

On the 15Th we played Dreidle!

But on Sunday we went to get the BIGGEST Hanukkah present EVER!!!!!

We went to see the new Justice League movie!

And it wasn’t as bad as people say!!

Sure, Ben Affleck sucks as Batman.

And the Flash ran like Peewee Herman.

But other than that it was good!

Well that’s about it!

See you later!



Winter Wonderland! :D

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We have SNOW!!!!!

We have to were big, bulky coats though.

That’s a bummer, because it’s hard to fit through small doorways. šŸ˜¦

Owen turned 8 yesterday!

He got a cake with a hunter and a deer on it.

Funnily enough though the hunter’s gun was pointed a little AWAY from the deer.

If he had fired the gun he would have missed entirely.

At the library in Lansing, (It has a book store downstairs) Mom bought a WHOLE BUNCH of magazines for us to look at.

It’s funny to look up and every single one of your siblings on the sofa saying, “I know her! She’s on The Hunger Games!

IT”S THOR!!!!!!!”(I admit we are Marvel comics fans.)

Other than that……Did I mention that it’s COLD?

Well, I think that’s about all I have to tell.

I’ll write next week. (Unless something comes up on our calendar that we have to do).


Vacation week.

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What’s up at your place?


For history we’re watching El Cid.

The leaves are all brown.

Thanksgiving was delicious.

We had Mom’s cheesy potatoes.

We went to River Raisin.

And earned our Junior ranger badges.

The fields of the battle were plain and desolate.

They had a list of names of people who had towns named after them.

It looked like it was in alphabetical order.

But one guy was out of place.

After that we came home and got sick.

We watched Anne of green gables, and Anne of Avonlea.

Then we watched the Jason Bourne trilogy

Well I’ll see you later.





So much to say.

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How it going at your home?

Well, we’re still doing the collage gig.

In history lessons we’re doing knights.

So….My brothers are all knights and jousting.

We HAD snow, not much but we did have some!

The leaves are almost all brown now.

And most trees don’t even have leaves!

But one tree out side out dinning room window STILL has leaves!

We switched our jackets for coats, and found out Owen and Aaron have reversible coats!

We saw Thor Ragnarok, it hat a lot of unnecessary rude humor.

Thanksgiving is coming very soon!

I wonder what new recipe Mom will use to cook the turkey!

I’ll see you next time!

Happy holidays!



Chilly whether!

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How’s it going around your place?


We are busy almost all the time.

We take Lydia to collage twice a week.

If we’re not out, we are doing school,

OR we are reading. {or in my brothers case playing}

The temperature is dropping here.

It was 36 degrees yesterday!

Though it was 40 today

When we were tending critters, Everyone was bundled up today!

We’ve had snow twice this month already.

It was light snow, but still snow!

I can’t wait to build a giant snowman!

But no carrot nose. šŸ˜‰

I hope you have a merry winter!

Well that’s it about over here!